Prum's Village Has No Access To Clean Water

Help Prum and her whole village by contributing to 2 wells that will increase water security and lessen their poverty

Prum's village has no access to clean water

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Chambork Teb Village, Krivong District, Takéo Province, Cambodia

Chambork Teb, 2 Pump Wells

Prum Vuth is 50 years old and lives in Chambork Teb village near the Vietnamese border. Prum has 2 sons and a daughter aged from 13 to 20. Prum works from home as a seamstress from which she earns up to 6000 Riel (USD $1.50) per day. Because of her financial circumstances she had to ask her eldest children to drop out of school to look for work.

Prum needs to spend a third of her income on buying water for cooking and drinking. But because her income is very small, she can't buy very much. It takes her and her daughter an hour each day to reach the water seller. She uses a cart to carry the heavy water and push it back home with her daughter. Some days villagers need to stand in line to wait for water at the seller. Sometimes Prum and her daughter arrive back home in the darkness and have dinner late in the evening.

There are hand dug wells in the village but they can only supply water during the rainy season. Some of the hand dug wells are empty and the villagers are worried about the water shortage. The entire village used to fetch water freely from the Kampuchea Kroum people but now they are not allowed as the Kampuchea Krom require it for their own needs. Now, Prum's family are suffering because of the money they need to spend on water every day leaves them short on money to buy food. She hopes that if her village has access to free water she will be able to use it for cooking, drinking, and washing. Moreover, she can plant fruit trees and vegetables in order to earn extra income. Money saved on water could be used to support her daughter going to school.

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