Soun Sla Project Update: Over 80% Funded
Peter Roehlen, June 7, 2016, 2:15 a.m.

Thanks to generous support of donors we've now reached 80% of the funding needed to provide clean water for the poorest people in Soun Sla Village.

But, as I'm writing this, we’re still short $279 and 50 of the poorest families in Soun Sla Village are still having to use unclean river water.

One of those families is Povtida’s; she is 18 years old and her parents left her when she was young. She lives with her grandmother and younger brother who is 7 in a neighbours barn and works part time for them in return for the accommodation. Every morning she goes out to find work like cleaning, washing clothes and harvesting rice to earn enough money for food for her family but there isn’t always work available. She walks 1 kilometre from her barn to get water from the river but it’s dirty and she worries about them getting sick.

When we heard the stories of the families in Soun Sla Village we were really moved by their plight. Many of them are among the 18% of Cambodians living below the world bank poverty line (currently defined at a very meagre $1.90 per person per day). We’d love to see this project funded so we can get them much needed water filters.

If you haven't already donated please consider supporting this project and making a real difference in the lives of Povtida's family and many other families in their village.



Soun Sla Village, 50 Water Filters

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