Samsun And Her Village Need Clean Safe Drinking Water

Samsun and her two granddaughters Siv and Pich drink water that is dirty and unsafe. Help provide water filters for them and their village.

Samsun and Her Village Need Clean Safe Drinking Water

US $1507 raised.


Soun Sla Village, Battambang Province

Soun Sla Village, 50 Water Filters

Samsun lives with her two granddaughters, Suv and Pich who are 8 and 7 years old. The parents of the girls left them to go to Thailand to work when the girls were very young and the family has lost contact with them.

Every day Samsun and her granddaughters go to pick tamarind fruit to sell to support themselves. One day Suv fell down from the tamarind tree and broke her leg and now has permanent damage. She now walks with a stick and can no longer climb tamarind trees. Since then, the grandmother decided to climb the tamarind trees by herself but the younger girl, Pich, insists on also climbing the trees because they are so poor. When they have finished collecting the fruit, Pich walks 3 kilometres every day to sell it. Samsun and her two granddaughters need a water filter since the river water is dirty and unsafe but they don’t have the money to buy one.

They are very happy, hopeful and grateful to hear that we might be able to help them with obtaining a water filter.

Every day Samsun’s family and the residents of Soun Sla village are exposed to the risk of disease from contaminated water. Most of the households rely on polluted river water to use and drink. The village currently suffers from health problems due to lack of access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene education.

For $1500 we can supply 50 Sawyer type water filters for the village at a cost of $30 each. The filter removes 99.99999% of all bacteria and protozoa, such as salmonella, cholera, E.coli, giardia and cryptosporidium.

Implementing Partner Clear Cambodia

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Chhunly Bin, July 11, 2016, 5:30 p.m.

We are very grateful to the donors who supported our project for buying 50 water filters for Soun Sla village where there are many poor families who are in need. I hope you will be happy when you know that the villagers now have clean drinking water. They were extremely ...

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Peter Roehlen, June 7, 2016, 2:15 a.m.

Thanks to generous support of donors we've now reached 80% of the funding needed to provide clean water for the poorest people in Soun Sla Village.

But, as I'm writing this, we’re still short $279 and 50 of the poorest families in Soun Sla Village are still ...

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David Guess, March 18, 2016, 4:10 p.m.

Our new partner Clear Cambodia recently brought to our attention the plight of Soun Sla Village who struggle every day to get access to clean safe water. Chunnly visited the village and was moved by those he talked to like Samsun and her grandaughters (pictured) who use and drink water ...

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