Bo's Village Needs A Well To Provide Clean Water.

Bo is a single mother with two daughters, her family does not have access to safe water.

Bo's village needs a well to provide clean water.

US $1181 raised.


Toul Village, Kampot Province, Cambodia

Toul Village, 2 Hand Dug Wells

Bo Out is 48 years old, she lives in Toul Village where she supports her family by growing rice. She has two daughters Sekit age 10 and Sekom aged 8. They have no father at home. Sekit walks more than 3 kilometers from home to school most days. She carries two empty five liter containers with her to school so that she can fill them with water on her walk back. She fills them at a canal with a plastic ladel because the water is shallow and not clean. When they are full, she uses a yoke across her shoulders to balance the weight and walks back home – a journey of more than 2 kilometers.

Sometimes, the whole family go to the canal at night instead because the water seeps into the canal at a slow pace and often it is too busy from morning until evening with so many people waiting to collect water. They find it very difficult to get water every day. Now water is their biggest concern every day – even more than having enough food.

When informed that we would be putting a project up to raise money for wells, Bo Out said that she was very thankful to the donors and hoped that it would mean they would have cleaner water than the canal to use for cooking and washing so that they would no longer have so many illnesses like diarrhea and that her daughters would not have to go every day so far to collect it every day.

For US $1,160 we can build two hand dug wells to provide clean water for Bo's family and the 250 families of Toul Village.

Implementing Partner Wells for Wellbeing

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admin , March 20, 2016, 3:49 p.m.

Our amazing donors have now brought clean water to a second village! The two new wells in Toul Village have had a life changing impact for the villagers.

“I’m very delighted to have the well near my house since I’ve been carrying water for 3 years and sometimes ...

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Peter Roehlen, Jan. 11, 2016, 9:58 p.m.

Thanks to your amazing support the wells for Sekit's village are fully funded! We will be in contact with our partner for this project, Wells for Wellbeing, about getting started on delivery as soon as possible. We are very glad that soon Sekit and the many other people of ...

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Peter Roehlen, Dec. 12, 2015, 3:11 a.m.
Our partner, Wells for Wellbeing, nominated Toul Village as a place in need and last weekend Chhunly visited the village personally to gather information, talk to the residents and take photos. On his return he told me how much his heart was moved by their situation. Attached are a few ... read more