230 Families In Tip's Village Don't Have Safe Water

Chhunly nearly cried when he saw the conditions in Sreng Meanchey Village.

230 families in Tip's village don't have safe water

US $1680 raised.


Sreng Meanchey, Sala Krouv, Pailin Province

Sreng Meanchey, 2 Pump Wells
This project was fully funded on launch due to the amazing generosity and support of Think 180!

Thourn Tip is 32 and lives with her husband and children in Sreng Meanchey village. They have permission to use a private water reservoir that was installed by a Cassava farmer but the water is dirty and contains chemical run off from the plantation. The village use it because rains are unreliable and they have no choice. Water can be trucked in to the village but the roads are bad and sometimes impassable so it is very expensive. Enough water for two days for Tip's family would cost half of her income for the same period.

Children in the village regularly get sick with diarrhea due to using unclean water and malaria from the tiger mosquitos which are common in the area. The entire village was full of joy to hear that we were investigating the possibility of a well project for their village. When the dry season comes they are suffering so much being unable to collect rainwater for drinking.

Implementing Partner Youth of Banteay Meanchey

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admin , July 25, 2017, 9:08 p.m.

We're very happy to report the latest project to build two new pump wells in the remote Cambodian village Sreng Meanchey is now complete. The village now have a clean and secure source of water for the first time. This project was fully funded by Think180 and we'd ...

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admin , June 24, 2017, 1:46 p.m.

Think180 have been one of the biggest supporters of Well Directed since the beginning and we're very excited to announce that they have generously offered to fully fund the building of two new pump wells for the next project in Sreng Meanchey Village.

This is a very important project ...

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